Proud to be a recycler


Although recycling is considered a noble action and schools promote environmental friendly actions, few kids dream to grow up to become a scrap yard worker. For the majority of people, recycling is an abstract concept that happens magically without the participation of recyclers or peddlers. On top of that, authorities and media like to blame scrap yards for metal theft. With all those factors involved, is not hard to understand why working in the recycling industry, specially on yard activities, is not one of the most popular vocations.
¿But what can we do to change that? Let begin with ourselves. It´s important that we are aware of the great importance of the task we undertake. A lot of recyclers see quality requirements as a whim by his clients; because they ignore how humidity, to mention an example, can damage aluminum furnaces; or how some attachments can complicate the recovery of metal. Understanding why consumers require specific standards of quality is what allow us to realize that, it is precisely the tasks of grading and cleaning that take place in a recycling yard, which makes possible the recovery of materials. When we grasp the fact that recycling wouldn´t be possible without the job with do, se would be capable of creating strategies that would allow us to transmit that undertanding and pride to workers and to society in general.

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