What is Glorem ?

what is glorem

Glorem (Global Recycling Management) is a service provider for the international recycling industry. With years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we strive to help companies grow by providing services and training to improve their processes, develop new markets and control their risks.
Glorem acknowledges that the person is at the beginning, middle and end of any endeavor, so we strive to provide companies with the knwowledge derived from quality individuals, we also strive to promote and create environments and working conditions where individuals grow wholesomely.

Proud to be a recycler


Although recycling is considered a noble action and schools promote environmental friendly actions, few kids dream to grow up to become a scrap yard worker….

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The myth of technology as a destroyer of employement


Erroneously some people thing that technology destroys job positions and even oppose any plans by “evil” employers to implement new technological tools to “substitute employees…

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Our Mission

  • Generate knowledge
  • Increase the recovery of recyclable materials
  • Create training and growing opportunities for the individuals involved in the recycling industry
  • Promote the growth of small and medium recycling companies.
  • Promote the strengthening and professionalization of the recycling industry.
  • Generate a better understanding, within government and the general population, of the characteristics and benefits of the recycling industry..

Our main projects

  • Currently we are working with

  • R&G Metal Trading to develop new suppliers in México, Central and South America
  • 21st Century Programming to provide software solutions adapted to the needs of Latin American companies, create guides and training materials in Spanish, train and develop support personnel to serve 21st Century Programming customers.
  • R&G Metal Trading to develop new suppliers in México, Central and South America