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Glorem (Global Recycling Management) is a service provider for the international recycling industry. With years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we strive to help companies grow by providing services and training to improve their processes, develop new markets and control their risks.

Glorem acknowledges that the person is at the beginning, middle and end of any endeavor, so we strive to provide companies with the knwowledge derived from quality individuals, we also strive to promote and create environments and working conditions where individuals grow wholesomely.

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Our knowledge, experience, network and constant presence at our industry’s events allows us privileged access to dozens of scrap metal processing companies, trading houses and consumers in in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Thru this network we can find the best matches between each processing yard, metal and consumer and make the transaction possible thru negotiation, logistics, finance, insurance and other trading house services.


Thru decades of experience accumulated by our associates we can design and deliver training courses and programs that address our industry’s more common challenges and pitfalls. We can also analyze your company’s unique challenges and design training programs that perfectly fit your personnel and your objectives. These programs can be conducted and delivered in print form, multimedia or classroom mode.


Our firm is founded and grows on a relevant base of knowledge about the international recycling industry, international supply chains, business environment and regulation in different Latin American countries, exporting and importing from / into Asia, South America and Europe, understanding and managing metal pricing and HR management among other fields. We can apply this knowledge to your unique challenge thru different consulting programs and projects.

Knowledge building

Although we already possess knowledge databases which you can benefit from thru our consulting and or trading services; there might be challenges for which more detailed information is needed. We can also advice and / or manage your firm’s proprietary knowledge building efforts.

Recycling programs

Integral Industrial Programs If you are running a metal intensive manufacturing operation and need a solution to professionally, ethically and efficiently dispose and capitalize your scrap metal, plastic and cardboard byproducts Responsible corporate citizen Everyday more and more consumers make their shopping and brand preference decision based on limiting the abrasive impact that their consumptions has on the planet; accordingly so more and more companies and brands around the world offer recycling programs that offset or decrease their footprint on our environment. GLOREM can design and operate recycling programs specifically for your brand, store, office or product.

Packaging and grading standards

Different countries, regions and consumers have different scrap metal grading standards, we can advise, train and even certify your company on how to produce packages that can give access to price premiums and new markets for your metal. If you are metal consumer and looking to replace primary or secondary ingot for scrap for your metal unit needs we can be of help, either by matching your needs to an existing grade, or by designing new scrap grades and training and certifying processing yards to produce the scrap metal grade that you need.

Documentation outsourcing

In today’s world it is more and more common to rely in foreign produced, products, raw material and food for our everyday life, in a international commerce arena outsourcing your international trade documentation needs can make a lot of sense. From purchase and sales orders, shipping instructions, Invoicing, bill of ladings, packing lists and certificates we can match your needs to outsourcing centers around the world, or set up one specifically designed to suit your needs. In most cases the savings and efficiencies to be gained are substantial.